Where is “Het Feest”?

The party will be held at the fontysfield. This is the field with the big blue-yellow tent, a.k.a. this location.

Who is allowed to enter?

Everyone is allowed to enter.

Can bags be taken into the festival area?

There are no bags allowed to enter the festival area.

Are lockers available?

There will be no lockers.

Are tickets required to enter?

A ticket is not required, however, by buying a ticket, you get 4 coins when you enter to start of the night, which are worth €6,-.

Is there a minimum age to enter?

There is no minimum age.

Can I leave and come back to the festival?

Leaving and rejoining is allowed. However, security has the right to not let you back into the festival if you leave too often.

How much do the coins cost?

The coins will be €1,50 a piece.

Do I have to print the tickets?

Just having the QR-code on your phone is good enough. Having a printed back-up also works.

Is there an option for food at the festival?

There will be food trucks with fries and snacks.